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    Popular Cassia seed mulberry leaf and chrysanthemum tea

    $3.35 - 4.25 /Box
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    Product Attributes

    Model No.YJ0129

    BrandShu xiang shi jia

    Product CategoryBlooming Tea

    characteristicHealth Tea


    place of originChina

    ServiceOEM / ODM are accepted

    Shelf Life18 months

    Product TypeFLAVORED TEA



    Product NameCassia seed mulberry leaf and chrysanthemum tea

    Processing Type:Blended, Double-Fermented, Hand Made, Re-Processing

    Specialty:Health Tea, Organic Tea

    Ingredients:100% Natural Herbs

    Material:Dry Flowers

    Supply Ability & Additional Information

    PackagingPacking details: 450g/bag, available in bags or in bulk as required

    Productivity100 Metric Ton/Metric Tons


    Place of OriginChina

    Supply Ability100 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Year


    Payment TypeMoney Gram


    Packaging & Delivery
    Selling Units:
    Package Type:
    Packing details: 450g/bag, available in bags or in bulk as required
    Picture Example:

    The main ingredients of cassia seed, mulberry leaf and chrysanthemum tea are cassia seed, mulberry leaf and chrysanthemum. Mulberry leaves contain a variety of vitamins and minerals, amino acids, carbohydrates and plant fiber, cassia seed contains sugar, protein, fat, steroids, chrysophanol, emodin and other essential trace elements such as iron, zinc, manganese, copper, nickel, cobalt, molybdenum and so on. Brew with boiling water and let stand for 5 minutes before serving. Cassia seed mulberry leaf and chrysanthemum tea

    Cassia seed tea is the mature seed of leguminous herb. It tastes bitter, sweet and cool in nature, clears the liver, improves eyesight, and moisturizes the intestines. Modern pharmacological research believes that cassia seed is rich in chrysophanol, emodin, cassia and other ingredients. The strong fragrance of chrysanthemum can relax nerves and relieve headaches. Especially the rich vitamin A contained in chrysanthemum is also an important substance for eye care. For people who are irritable, overuse their eyes, and often feel dry eyes, especially computer people, often drinking mulberry leaf chrysanthemum tea can improve eye discomfort and have a good effect on treating eye fatigue and blurred vision. Therefore, the use of frosted mulberry leaves and chrysanthemums to treat eye diseases can be said to be a complementary combination. Chrysanthemum tea uses high-quality mulberry leaves and chrysanthemums, and uses advanced processing technology to make mulberry leaves and chrysanthemums into teabags that are convenient for white-collar workers to drink. It has the fragrance of chrysanthemum and the clearness of mulberry leaves. It is an excellent green and white match in tea. Cassia seed mulberry leaf and chrysanthemum tea

    It can nourish the skin and protect the heart. It is suitable for long-term drinking and can relieve the dizziness, headache, red eyes, swelling and pain of computer people. Mulberry Leaf, scientific name: Folium Mori. The name of traditional Chinese medicine is the dry leaves of mulberry, which is the main food of silkworms. It is also known as mulberry, gorgon mulberry, mulberry tree, yellow mulberry leaf, etc. Mulberry trees are widely planted in various parts of our country, and the yield of mulberry leaves is relatively high. The main food of silkworms, its leaves are broadly ovoid, the base of the leaves is heart-shaped, the top is slightly pointed, the edges are serrated, and the veins are densely covered with white piloses. Old leaves are thicker and darker green. The young leaves are thin and yellow-green. The quality is crisp and easy to hold. Light breath, slightly bitter taste. Medicinal products are generally considered to be of good quality after the cream. Mulberry leaves have the effects of dispelling wind-heat, clearing lungs and moisturizing dryness, clearing liver and improving eyesight. It also has the effect of treating wind-heat and cold, lung-heat dry cough, dizziness and headache, and dim eyesight. By 2014, some people made mulberry leaf buds into a dish, which made mulberry leaf have therapeutic value. Because of its rich nutritional value, it was loved by the public and was called mulberry sprouts. In Jili Village, Nanxun, the mulberry buds in the National Silk Cultural Park are the most outstanding. Considering the irrigation of Chuanzhu Bay water, the microelements in the mulberry buds are much higher than those of ordinary mulberry buds.

    Cassia seed mulberry leaf and chrysanthemum tea

    Since the development of the company, the products from the original Whole Grains to Health Scented Tea, Nut Snacks , Instant Cereal Powder , Cereal Flour Raw Materials and other products up to 100 kinds.

    Whole grains including Multigrain Class , Types Of Beans , Health Porridge. Miscellaneous grains can invigorate qi, strengthen the body, spleen and stomach and other effects. Health Porridge

    Health scented tea includes Alternative Tea, Herbal Tea , flower and Fruit Tea. Flower and fruit tea, also known as fruit tea, can not only beauty beauty, but also reduce the sudden death rate of the heart, brain brain, improve vision. Health Scented Tea

    Nut snacks include Natural Nuts and Dried Fruit Products. The nutrition of nuts is comprehensive and rich, eat more nuts to have the effect of prevention and treatment for heart disease and vascular disease, and children can also eat bright eyes and brain health, improve memory, and get more than one stone. Nut Snacks

    Instant cereal powders include Compound Cereal Flour and Single Origin Cereal Flour . It is a kind of powder product which is grinded by all kinds of food, beans and medicine and food. Not only convenient and fast, and balanced nutrition, can improve physical fitness. Eat also rest assured!

    Instant Cereal Powder

    The Cereal flour Raw Materials include Fruit And Vegetable Powder Raw Materials and Raw materials. Add to cold water and cook until cooked.

    Cereal Flour Raw Materials

    Product Categories : Health Scented Tea > Alternative Tea

    Company Overview

    Advantages of the company

    A. Company was established in March 2013, covering an area of more than 300 mu. The total investment is 60 million yuan and the building area is 8000 square meters. The company has a hundred thousand grade purification food production workshop.

    The company image 

    B. introduced a batch of advanced equipment such as grain processing sub-machine, automatic microwave low-temperature baking equipment, ultra-fine grinding equipment, automatic particle filling machine, automatic powder filling machine and so on to create a high-standard food production environment, which is in the leading level of the industry in China.


    C.  After 8 years of development from the original grain and miscellaneous grain packaging production line, Company has added automated cereal powder production line, flower and fruit tea packaging line, roasted food and nut products packaging line, fruit products packaging line, and the product category has reached hundreds of. 

    D. We accept OEM and can use customer's own brand. 

    E.  Company obtained the import and export qualification in July 2017. In 2018, on behalf of leading agricultural enterprises in Xuchang city, company E participated in the Thailand International Agricultural Exchange Conference, communicated and cooperated with multinational agricultural and e-commerce enterprises, and set the record of the first black rice export in Henan Province. The company's grain products have been exported to Los Angeles, Sydney, Canada, Malaysia, Brisbane, Algeria and other countries, the annual export volume accounts for 20% of the total sales.


    F. company has passed ISO22000 quality management system certification and Alibaba in-depth factory inspection certification, and has built a real-time, accurate and centralized "full traceability" supply chain management system.


    G. Location:Wenxinglu nanduan(jiangguanchizhen Nanshizhuangcun)   Xuchang City, Henan Province, China

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