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    Recently, Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences (hereinafter referred to as: China ReKeYuan) and the UN's world food programme (WFP) for rural development centre of excellence in hainan haikou joint tropical agriculture south-south cooperation symposium, from agriculture NongCunBu, emergency management, ecological environment, the UN's world food programme (WFP) regional bureau and country office, Ethiopia, Congo (cloth), Tanzania, Zambia and Nepal embassy in China, And related scientific and educational institutions and enterprises a total of more than 80 people attended the exchange.
    At the meeting, the Chinese Academy of Thermal Sciences and the WORLD Food Programme of the United Nations jointly signed a memorandum of understanding on strengthening South-South cooperation. On cassava, rice, corn and other tropical crops development in key areas such as the value chain collaboration talent exchange, experts, dispatching, and field demonstration activities such as training, technical cooperation, aims to deepen the tropical agriculture, south-south cooperation, strengthen share China with other developing countries in the field of tropical agriculture technology solutions, best practices, experience and development way, Improve food security in developing countries, improve the livelihoods of rural people, and contribute to poverty reduction and hunger reduction in developing countries.
    China ReKeYuan related scientific researchers around the small capacity building, postpartum loss and food value chain system, climate change and disaster risk prevention and control, and innovation for poverty reduction and rural revitalization of four key areas for the theme report, introduce Chinese ReKeYuan in related fields of technology present situation, application results and south-south cooperation potential in the future. Meanwhile, the development of south-south cooperation in tropical agriculture in China was highlighted.
    The UN's world food programme (WFP), four xi said China office on behalf of the flexor tropical agriculture is an important area of the world's food system, the seminar held will effectively promote, including the cassava value chain and other tropical agricultural technology, capacity building activities of pragmatic cooperation, at the same time China's expertise and technology to better benefit the developing countries.
    According to Xu Ming, deputy director of the International Exchange Service Center of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, tropical regions account for 39.8 percent of the world's total area, making them one of the most important agricultural production areas in the world. Most traditional agricultural industries in tropical regions are still underdeveloped, and the modernization of the agricultural industrial chain needs to be improved. Climate change and COVID-19 are exacerbating the global food security crisis. In the face of these challenges, the international community needs to join hands to overcome the difficulties.
    As an important practitioner of South-South cooperation and tripartite cooperation, the Chinese Academy of Thermal Sciences began to send agricultural experts to developing countries in the 1980s to provide technical guidance, and invited students to participate in technical training in China.
    At present, THE Chinese Academy of Thermal Sciences has conducted more than 100 training sessions on tropical agricultural technology, and trained more than 4,000 students from 99 countries. More than 50 agricultural experts were dispatched to mozambique, Tanzania, the United Arab Emirates, maldives and other countries and regions to carry out integrated pest control of cashews, dates, coconuts and other tropical crops. Developing agricultural industry upgrading programmes for Cambodia, Gambia, Central African Republic, Equatorial Guinea, El Salvador and other countries; In the Republic of Congo, in particular, the Chinese Academy of Thermal Sciences has built an agricultural technology demonstration center and carried out new varieties breeding, popularization of planting and breeding technologies and skills training for farmers, effectively promoting local agricultural development, and making positive contributions to deepening South-South cooperation in tropical agriculture and reducing hunger and poverty in the cooperative countries.
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