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    In order to implement the spirit of the National Agricultural International Cooperation Work Exchange Conference, implement the work deployment of scientific and technological support for tropical agriculture going out, and promote the high-quality development of tropical agriculture cooperation with foreign countries, the Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences organized the second Tropical Agriculture Going Out Technology Matchmaking Conference in Haikou, Hainan. More than 90 representatives from 39 institutions, including government departments, international organizations, industry associations, going global enterprises and scientific research institutions, attended the meeting to exchange and discuss the scientific and technological support, industrial demand and future key cooperation areas and fields of tropical agriculture going global.
    Scientific and technological support is the core of promoting agriculture to go global, especially tropical agricultural technology plays a prominent role in agricultural cooperation in hot areas. In recent years, China has ReKeYuan bear in mind that science and technology support for tropical agriculture, walk out the duties of a "mainstay" positioning, continuously strengthen and go global agricultural enterprise collaboration, in Africa, southeast Asia, south Pacific, Latin America good varieties of agricultural machinery equipment, management mode, advanced technology, popularization and application, built outside the test station and demonstration base of 15, More than 150 advanced and applicable varieties and technologies have been transformed and applied for the efficient production of rubber, oil palm, banana, sugarcane and other hot crops, promoting the technical upgrading and industrial development of tropical agriculture in target countries.
    "The Chinese Academy of Thermal Sciences is actively building an international cooperation model of 'government + science and technology + enterprises + international organizations', supporting China's tropical agriculture' going global 'by science and technology, and serving the country's' Belt and Road 'construction." Guo-dao liu, vice President of the China ReKeYuan in his speech, is committed to China ReKeYuan to tropical agricultural enterprises go out hand in hand, make full use of the world's tropical agricultural development potential, in the agricultural scientific research, production, processing, circulation key links such as reasonable layout, long-term planning, to further advance of tropical agriculture, going out, We will encourage tropical agriculture to move to the higher end of the value chain and contribute technological solutions and forces, so as to give full play to the advantage of agricultural diplomatic resources and better serve China's overall diplomacy.
    During the meeting, China ReKeYuan PinZiSuo with hunan international engineering construction co., LTD., coconut and China by Indonesia julong agriculture industrial zone, Shanghai west KeQi cooperation agreement signed information technology co., LTD., the well will jointly promote the tropical crops, tropical animal husbandry and agricultural products processing technology development, transfer and promotion services, And intelligent agricultural machinery equipment research and development and other projects to achieve cooperation.

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