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    Since the Chinese food industry entered the new century, it has always maintained the trend of sustained and rapid development. In 2001, it increased by 10.5% compared with the previous year, in 2002, it increased by 16%, in 2003, it increased by 19.8%. In 2004, the speed of development was further accelerated A total of 552.982 billion yuan of industrial added value was achieved, an increase of 14.30% over the same period of the previous year in comparable terms, accounting for 10.09% of the national industrial added value. These achievements were achieved despite the impact of emergencies such as influenza and a significant increase in the prices of Raw Materials for food production. This is all the more remarkable

    On October 12, 2004, The State Council Information Office released a survey report on the current situation of Nutrition and health of Chinese residents. It found that there are still some problems in the state of nutrition and health of Chinese residents. Calcium, iron, vitamin A and other nutrients intake is generally low: hypertension, diabetes, dyslipidemia, overweight and obesity rates are high and on the rise. In particular, alcohol consumption was associated with high blood pressure and dyslipidemia, the report said. This situation fully indicates that there are indeed some problems in the development of the food industry that deserve attention. At present, there is a lack of finished products for breakfast, lunch and dinner produced according to the requirements of nutritional balance in the market, and there is also a lack of finished products to meet the needs of special groups. Many food enterprises do not carry out reasonable formula according to the nutrition and health requirements of the residents, nor do they adopt advanced processing technology to reasonably match the ingredients of raw materials; In the process of food manufacturing, the protection and utilization of raw nutrients are not fully considered, and the improper use of processing technology, method and equipment leads to a large amount of nutrient loss; The production of nutritionally fortified food has not received due attention; Fiber (in fruits, vegetables, grains) and soluble fiber (in oats, psylium, seed coats) also reduce the risk of CORONARY heart disease, and the food industry is far from developing nutrient-rich foods such as soybeans, vegetables, fruits, and oats

    At present, China's food industry is mainly based on the primary processing of agricultural and side food raw materials, and the degree of deep processing is low, and the level of food finished products is low. There is a lack of breakfast, lunch and dinner convenience foods that meet the nutritional balance requirements in the market, as well as foods that meet the nutritional needs of special groups. With the improvement of residents' income level, the change of life style and the acceleration of life rhythm, the market potential of convenient, nutritious, hygienic, economic and ready-to-eat instant food is huge. The change of consumer group structure also puts forward new requirements for food convenience. It is predicted that the urban population will exceed 500 million in 2010, and the urban residents will have more and higher requirements for the quantity, quality, variety and convenience of food consumption. Therefore, all kinds of convenient main food, meat, fish, vegetables and other finished products and semi-finished products, fast food, cereal breakfast, convenient sweets and leisure food and personalized food for different consumer needs, in a quite long time will have a lot to do. The development of convenience food is a revolution in the food manufacturing industry and has always been the driving force for the development of the food industry. It is an important task of food industry to pay attention to food nutrition and improve the health level of residents.

    The main guiding principle of the plan to 2015 is to meet the growing consumption needs and nutritional and health needs of the people. Nutrition, health and food safety are the top priority of the food industry and the ultimate development goal. To the development of food industry is the basic principle of safety and health, nutrition and health, to 2015 intensive scale level to further improve the quality and safety of the food industry, adjust the way of structural transformation, improve the quality and safety, and improve the innovation ability, promote the intensive development of construction enterprise credit system, promote the whole industry chain effective connection, green ecological building quality and safety, Adequate supply of modern food industry with Chinese characteristics, to achieve stable development. At the same time, enterprises should form independent innovation ability, ensure safety, nutrition and health and enter the modern food industry with high international competitiveness, improve the contribution rate of the food industry to society, and consolidate the economic status of the food industry in the new period to expand the role of driving the development of related industries and promote the harmonious and stable development of society. The food safety and nutrition system prospers; the scale and efficiency of the system grow rapidly; the capacity for independent innovation is strengthened; the organizational structure of enterprises is continuously optimized; resource utilization, energy conservation and emission reduction are significantly improved; and the product mix is significantly improved. The task is to strengthen food quality and safety, promote the adjustment of industrial structure, enhance the ability of independent innovation, improve the level of equipment research and development, accelerate the basic progress of enterprises, promote industrial agglomeration and development, and vigorously promote the integration of the two industries. The government's guarantee measures mainly include the following eight: strict market access, giving full play to the role of the government, promoting energy conservation and emission reduction, strengthening safety supervision, maintaining industrial safety, promoting overseas investment, improving corporate integrity, and guiding healthy consumption.

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