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  • HomeNewsThe Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the National Development and Reform Commission jointly issued the planning and deployment of the "14th Five-Year" modern seed industry upgrading project construction


    Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs jointly issued the "Fourteenth Five-year Plan" for the Construction of Modern Seed Industry Upgrading Project (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan"), which made comprehensive arrangements for the overall thinking, framework system, key projects and safeguard measures of the layout of seed industry infrastructure construction during the fourteenth Five-year Plan. It mainly covers crop seed industry, livestock and poultry seed industry, and aquatic seed industry capacity improvement, which provides support for accelerating the revitalization of seed industry, realizing self-reliance in seed industry science and technology, and independent and controllable provenance.
    "The plan" points out that the seed industry is at the source of the entire agricultural industry chain, is a symbol of the construction of modern agriculture, the pioneering project, is the national strategic, basic core industry. During the period of "difference", insist on unified planning, rational layout, problem oriented, key breakthrough, government guiding, diversified investment, optimize the ascension, build system, the principle of centering on seed industry revitalization of the key tasks, focusing on the conservation, breeding, test, evaluation and innovation seed-breeding four link, the layout of the construction of a number of world-class landmark projects. With regard to the protection of germplasm resources, we will build an internationally advanced system for the protection and utilization of germplasm resources, focusing on the national long-term reservoir of germplasm resources and livestock, poultry and aquatic resources protection farms (areas). In terms of breeding innovation, we will focus on large-scale phenotypic identification platforms and molecular breeding platforms to build internationally advanced basic and pioneering research and commercial breeding systems and support the development of innovative enterprises. In terms of testing and evaluation, the national breed testing center and the livestock and poultry breed performance testing station will be the focus to comprehensively improve the facilities and equipment conditions and breed testing (testing) capabilities. In terms of superior varieties and breeding, the national South Breeding Base, national seed base and livestock, poultry and aquatic varieties and breeding base will be the focus of building national crop, livestock, poultry and aquatic varieties production base, effectively ensuring the supply of superior varieties and comprehensively improving the level of superior varieties.
    According to the plan, it is necessary to target the overall goal of agricultural and rural modernization, according to the action plan of seed industry revitalization, speed up the improvement and upgrading of modern seed industry infrastructure conditions, and step up the key generic technology and seed source core technology of seed industry. By 2025, the protection system of agricultural germplasm resources will be further improved, and the capacity of collection, preservation, identification, evaluation, distribution and sharing will be greatly improved. Build a number of breeding innovation platform, select and promote a number of new breeding and breeding industry, breeding innovation ability to reach the advanced level; Initially establish a test and evaluation system which is suitable for the development of modern seed industry; A number of modern seed and breeding production bases will be built, and a modern seed industry development pattern featuring protection, breeding, testing and reproduction will be established, with a strong foundation, strong system, strong science and technology, and strong enterprises. The modernization of the seed industry will be upgraded in an all-round way, providing a strong guarantee for China's food security and effective supply of important agricultural products.

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